About S. Mac Mahon Storage & Distribution Ltd.

Sean Mac Mahon - Original Truck
Sean Mac Mahon Office Building
Double Trailer

S. Mac Mahon Storage and Distribution Ltd is a family run transport company founded by Sean Mac Mahon in 1976. The company started out with one rigid truck, working for a local co-operative.

Sean quickly saw the opportunity to develop the business into a storage and distribution centre and built his first warehouse in 1982. He also developed a large outside storage site.

The company has grown steadily over the past 30 years and presently we have nine large warehouses on a 20 acre site.

Fastway Couriers

The warehouse area covers 90,000 sq ft. of food grade storage area (approved by the Department of Agriculture and Food) and 2,000 sq ft. of office space. The yard is covered with asphalt to keep dust problems to a minimum.

At Sean Mac Mahon Transport we pride our selves on being a progressive and forward thinking business. As a result the company has invested, and continues to invest in cutting edge IT systems.

These systems ensure that our business operates efficiently as possible. It also ensures that the level of customer service on offer from Sean Mac mahon transport is second to none.

Our Current IT system includes:

Satellite Tracking

Every Vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracker. This means that we know exactly where all of our trucks are at any given time. We constantly monitor the progress of our trucks, and can give our clients accurate and up to the minute status updates.

Transport Management Software

Our highly trained staff have access to our cutting edge transport management software. This software collects, process and stores information about everything that we do. As a result, Our staff and our clients have access to all the data the need when they need it.

Document Management Software

All PODs and other paperwork are scanned and digitally archived. We can produce a copy of any POD, no matter how old, in seconds.